Police warn drivers to stay sober during holiday weekend


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Thousand of Hoosiers are expected to drive on the roads and get on the water on this holiday weekend, but with that comes a warning to drive sober.

We rode along with Indiana State Police, Friday, as they pulled people over on the highways. They were already arresting drivers for driving drunk.

They want to warn race fans to be sober when they get into their cars after a long day at the track.

“They get to the track and it’s such a party and they’re having so much fun that they end up consuming and the next thing you know ‘I don’t want to pay for Uber. I don’t want to call a cab. I’ve gotta get my car home.’ And that’s the big mistake,” said Trooper Rob McKeeman.

Authorities are also warning people planning to get on a boat this weekend. They say driving a boat should be treated the same as driving a car. Your alcohol limit is .08 and you must have life jacket for each person on board.

“Accidents happen real easily and they happen very fast,” said Captain John Mehling with Fishers Fire Department. “Memorial Day weekend is about our fallen soldiers. Let’s not make it about our family that’s fallen.”

If you see someone who looks like they’ve been drinking and driving, make sure you call 911 and report it to police.

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