Series of alarming crimes haunts Decatur Township neighborhood

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DECATUR TWP, Ind. — Bullets, explosions and pranks—you typically find this trio in an action movie, not a Decatur Township neighborhood.

But over the past weekend, neighbors there dealt with all three.

So far, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the series of crimes in the neighborhood, but they don't believe they are connected.

On Friday night, someone fired six bullets into a home and car on Lawndale Avenue. Homeowner Teresa Surber said police told her the shots must have come from a high-powered BB gun because of the damage it did to their home window.

“The window upstairs, it came through the screen and two panes of window,” Surber said.

Another neighbor near Surber had their car egged. Surber's grandson couldn't sleep the following night because of the incident. It was then that he heard something else go bump in the night.

“He said he heard two really loud booms about 1:30 a.m. [Saturday],” Surber said.

A few streets away on Granner Circle, a Chevy Tahoe burst into flames. Reports say IMPD is investigating the incident as a possible arson.

Jazzmyn Cheek was inside the home when the fire happened.

“I heard popping, and I thought, my first thought, was fireworks,” Cheek said. “I was laying in bed. I saw red in my room. It filled the whole room up. I ran to my Dad, and he was in the computer room, like, 'Tahoe is on fire! Tahoe is on fire!'"

“It shook the house. It felt like a huge explosion," said Tonia Miles, who lives next door to Cheek. "All I know is, I want whoever done it found because this could kill somebody."

Cheek said her father ran out and began using the hose at their house to put out flames that had started up the side of the home.

“We were all just outside watching it. We were helpless, you know?” Cheek said.

The Decatur Township Fire Department says the car fire is under investigation, but they may have more information soon.

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