Thief steals Hoveround power chair from Indy woman with health problems

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A thief stole an electric power chair from an Indianapolis woman with health problems.

Police reports show the theft took place this week near 30th and Chester on Indy’s east side.

The 65-year-old victim Kathy Ahmed says she called for a taxi to pick her up and take her to a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, but when she returned home she found her electric power chair stolen from her front yard.

Ahmed says the crook stole her mobility when they drove away with her Hoveround.

“I need that chair because I can’t walk because of my knees and my heart. I got it so I can get out, otherwise I’m stuck in the house,” said Kathy Ahmed.

Kathy says her stolen chair had damage to the right arm rest. She says multiple knee surgeries and a heart condition have made it hard for her to walk around without the aid of the chair.

“It’s my freedom for myself and now I don’t have the chair,” said Ahmed.

Kathy admits she has parked the power chair outside her home before and no one ever touched it, until now. That’s why she’s disheartened and frustrated by the loss.

“I mean that’s mean and cruel. They know the chair is for someone who can’t get around. That’s common sense. Nobody has them, but people that can’t get around,” said Ahmed.

Kathy filed a police report and is working with Hoveround to get a replacement, but in the meantime she has a message for whoever stole her chair.

“I’m 65 and worked most of my life and that’s mine. That’s not yours,” said Ahmed. “Whoever took it, just bring it back. Bring back my chair. I don’t know why you took it, but it’s not yours.”

Anyone with information on the stolen chair or any suspects can contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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