Thieves steal HVAC systems from Taylor’s Bakery


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Thieves went after an Indianapolis institution by targeting the air conditioning system atop Taylor’s Bakery.

“They had to have had ladders. They had to have a couple of other people. They had the vehicle,” explains Yolanda, a manager at Taylor’s Bakery who asked to have her last name remain hidden.

Management of the more than 100-year-old shop believes it may have happened on Tuesday. The crooks made their way to the roof before gutting two of the HVAC units. Surveillance cameras caught one suspect in the act. The bakery believes they used a dark pickup truck in the theft.

The incident comes after the bakery was shut down for months during the pandemic.

“All of us are having a hard time right now, everybody is suffering so be kind to one another,” adds Yolanda.

The bakery spans several large rooms operating across numerous HVAC systems, but not all were hit. Luckily for Taylor’s Bakery, the store front still has air conditioning.

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