UPDATE: Convicted killer mistakenly freed, found in Chicago

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A man who committed murder in Indianapolis and was mistakenly freed from prison, is back in custody.

Steven Robbins, 44, was recaptured late Friday night in Kankakee, Ill. Officials received tips and interviewed family and friends leading up to his capture.

Robbins was only about 10 years into a 60 year sentence for murder when he underwent a bizarre transfer out of the Michigan City prison and into the Cook County jail in Chicago Tuesday.

Robbins was transported out of the state in order to appear in court on a 1992 drug charge out of Cook County. Court records indicate that prosecutors actually dismissed the charge back in 2007, but Robbins reportedly didn’t pay a $5 processing fee.

Paperwork from Indiana Corrections officials made it clear not to release Robbins. In addition, when an Illinois judge dismissed Robbins’ drug charge on Wednesday this week, the judge wrote on his paperwork that Robbins was to be released for “this case only.”

Yet somehow he was still allowed to leave the jail.

Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart took responsibility for the mixup.

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