West side couple beaten during robbery

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Police are searching for three people accused of robbing and beating a west side couple around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Bruises and anger linger more than 24 hours after Carol and Harold Loney say they were attacked and robbed outside of their 38th Street apartment.

“My husband was getting the clean clothes out of the trunk, and I was getting ready to go up to the front and go inside the building. But I had realized he had the house key,” said Carol.

Next she noticed a suspicious vehicle, but initially let her guard down, assuming it was a neighbor. Before she knew it, she felt her purse being pulled away from her.

“I yelled for my husband. He came towards me when he realized she had a hold on my purse and she was fighting me. I slipped, fell down to the ground, she started punching me, stomping me in my head with her boots,” said Carol.

The couple thought the woman was working alone until two men joined in the fight.

“My husband was fighting the other guy and when the other male jumped in while stomping me. He punched him, he fell over and hit his head on one of the ladies’ cars out front,” said Carol.

Carol says the next thing she knew, the other guy got in the car, grabbed a metal pipe and busted Harold in the mouth.

“They had everything. My purse had my phone, my wallet, my bank card, my ID, birth certificates and social security cards of my kids and myself,” said Carol.

The Loneys describe the two male suspects as being around 6′ tall, slim build and around 140 lbs.

The woman is described as, “a little taller than me, [she] had light hair, either a sandy blonde or a blonde,” said Carol.

Carol decided to go to the hospital for her injuries, but her husband did not.

The Loneys say they aren’t rich, but they plan to move as soon as they get the funds to do so.

Carol says all she wants are her personal belongings back.

She also has a message for the suspects just in case they didn’t get it the first time:

“I will not go down without a fight. I promise you that.”

Anyone with any information is asked to contact crime-stoppers 317-262-TIPS.

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