Why legal CBD flower could still get you arrested in Indiana


(Aspen Valley CBD flower are the two clumps of substance on the right, and the two clumps on the left are marijuana seized by the Greenfield Police Department. Photo11: Kellie Hwang)

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The police officer pulled the cap off a bottle filled with clumps of a dried, green leafy substance.

It looked like marijuana. It smelled like marijuana. But was it actually marijuana?

The Greenfield Police Department says yes.

It is known as CBD flower. In a press conference on Feb. 15, officials warned that anyone in possession of the product could potentially get in trouble with the law, even if the product is within the legal 0.3 percent THC limit for CBD products.

“There is a product being sold…that could very well jam up an unknowing citizen if they were using their product and possibly cause them to be arrested,” said Jeff Rasche, police chief for the Greenfield Police Department .

That’s because CBD flowers are likely to show as positive for marijuana in police field tests, including being identified by drug-sniffing dogs.

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