Woman warns of purse snatcher caught on camera in Brownsburg: ‘I honestly set up the perfect situation for them’

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BROWNSBURG, Ind. -- A family in Brownsburg says they’re scared to death. A mother and her 8-year-old daughter say they were robbed in the middle of the afternoon in a busy parking lot. They have a warning for other families before the next time you go to the grocery store.

You typically leave the grocery with more than what you came with, but for Amy Goodpaster, this weekend’s routine trip turned out to be criminal.

“I just didn’t think anything about it, I honestly set up the perfect situation for them,” said Goodpaster.

On Saturday, Goodpaster and her 8-year-old daughter, Xarra, had just finished their shopping at the Kroger on North Green Street.

“I was coming out with my cart and Xarra to load my groceries in my car, and I popped my trunk and had her get in,” said Goodpaster.

That’s when she took her eyes off her purse and left it in the cart for a quick moment. A moment she now regrets.

“I’ve been told that a million times in my life,” said Goodpaster.

As shown in surveillance video, a man driving a white Chevy pick-up truck pulled right next to her car. He reached his hand out of his window, grabbed her purse and then sped off.

Picture provided by Brownsburg Police Department

“He pulled out really close to my car and was getting ready to hit my car,” said Goodpaster.

It’s hard to see in the surveillance pictures, but this truck has a gold decal. Police say the suspect is a white male in his late 20s with shaggy hair. What worries Goodpaster is what this man now has access to.

“This guy knows way too much about me,” said Goodpaster, “He has access to way too many personal things.”

Brownsburg police recommend never leaving your items of value unattended, even for a short period of time, because in just a few seconds your items could be gone and your personal information compromised. For Goodpaster, her children’s social security cards, cash and her car keys are all items that are now gone.

Picture provided by Brownsburg Police Department

“Everybody’s on the lookout for the guys, for the vehicles, really trying to catch these guys,” said Bob Goodpaster, Amy’s husband. “I can tell you this town is really upset and angry about what happened.”

According to police, the suspect hit another vehicle when attempting to leave the parking lot. Brownsburg Police officers searched for the vehicle but were unable to locate it. It was then later reported that one of Goodpaster’s credit cards was used at Loves Truck Stop located in Pittsboro.

Brownsburg Detectives are still in the process of collecting that surveillance video.

Any information about this case can be sent to Detective Stanford at (317) 852-1109 Ext. 2147

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