Cumberland police cracking down on armed robbery spikes

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CUMBERLAND, Ind. – The Cumberland Police Department has said “enough is enough” after a spike in armed robberies at local businesses.

They said 20 locations have been hit so far this year, after only 11 last year, and nearly half of that the year before. So far, Police are not sure why the spike is happening, but they do believe some of the crimes come from same group of thieves.

On Thursday morning, CPD met with local businesses to give out tips to catch these crooks. They said workers need to be more aware of visual cues like height, weight, or clothing that stands out.

Surveillance video is also an issue. Police said the last few robberies have lacked quality video or any at all.

“We talked about having them in clear view, nothing obstructing the view of the camera lens, signs that might be in the store,” said Commander Christopher Etherton.

Police will be leaving flyers and stickers at business who take the training. The decals will go in windows to serve as a deterrent.

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