Customer pours beer on employee after refusal to wear mask


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – After a group of people was asked to leave an Evansville bar for refusing to wear masks, one of the customers threw a beer on an employee. That’s according to the co-owner of High Score Saloon.

A Facebook post on the business’s page says that a group refused to wear masks after being asked several times.

Co-owner Clint Hoskins says on their way out, one of the customers poured a drink on an employee.

Hoskins tells Eyewitness News that they provide masks for anyone that does not have one.

Hoskins says a police report was filed.

The video below contains explicit language.

It is disheartening to think that we as a society have deteriorated to this. When Jared and I started this venture we did so with community in mind. We strive to be good employers and community assets. We have worked tirelessly to curate these games and revitalize this space. We have raised upwards of $50,000 for local charities and spearheaded and effort to pay down lunch debts for struggling families. We treat our employees with love and respect because to us? They’re family. Then COVID-19 hit. We switched to online charity events and raised about $6,000 for local charities despite the logistical difficulties. We kept all of our employees on regardless of it they were needed. We have worked tirelessly to care for them to the detriment of our business. We have been diligent in enforcing the guidelines set out by the local health department and state agencies. We require masks, social distancing and above all: respect for others. In doing so? We lose thousands of dollars each month. A lump we take willingly to keep employees on the payroll and patrons as safe as we can possibly make them. To enforce rules we didn’t make but happily abide by? We are damaged. Last night a group arrived to our arcade with obvious intentions to cause trouble. Shortly after ordering the individuals refused to wear masks several times until being asked to finish their drinks and leave. Instead of doing so? They refused. They threw a drink in the corner behind our games, damaging them. They took a drink out of the building against our instruction and then? Assaulted our security personnel and friend, Ozzy. The guy who sits at the door to inform you of our rules. Who’s only job is to inform you of our amenities and to even clean up your accidental mess. A good, caring person whom we love like family. A dedicated employee, caring friend and wonderful human. This is the first instance in three years we have experienced like this. During a pandemic when people are hurting the most. During the holidays when spirits soar low or high, depending on your situation. In the throes of a pandemic our employees show up to pour you a beer, make you a meal and clean up after you, for what? So you can act like this? You’re shameful. Fragile. Subdivision soft. We have your names and we’re taking appropriate steps with all the security footage you probably didn’t know we had. You’ll likely be on the news and call it a lapse in judgment. The truth is? Actions like this are curated through a lifetime of privilege laced with lack of consequence. You were raised for eighteen years for what, to be this person? This is how you were raised? You’d be proud for your mother and father to see you in this light? You reap what you sow. We will continue sowing kindness at our arcade. When it’s safe? We will pick our charity nights back up. We’ll raise money for our community, care for our employees and continue to be an asset to our city. We will continue to be the good we hope to see in the community. Whatever the weather? Regardless of circumstance? Please, continue to do as we have always said: Be kind, always.

Posted by High Score Saloon on Saturday, December 12, 2020

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(This story was originally published on December 12, 2020)

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