CVS employee claims stalker attacked her while she was on the job

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INDIANAPOLIS– The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is working to track down an unidentified man in a bold attack Sunday morning.

A woman who works at the CVS store located at 16th and Meridian streets said the suspect walked into the store and punched her in the face.  She also said the man had been stalking her for two weeks.

The woman, who Fox59 is not identifying, said the man was apparently fixated on her and he would pay daily visits to the CVS location.

“It started with phone calls at the job,” said the victim’s friend Danyetta Smith.  “It turned into him coming up and asking for her at her job every single day.  Asking for her last name and where she lives.”

The man got so persistent that CVS managers eventually banned him from the store. However, Sunday morning, he came back.  Smith said he bought a cupcake and then left.  He later paid a second visit.

The victim reported she was stocking items in a store aisle, when she noticed somebody standing behind her.  When she turned around, she saw it was the suspect.  After she told him to leave, she said he punched her in the face, knocking her out for a few seconds.

A store customer in another aisle heard the attack and then saw the aftermath.

“There was a gentleman, possible witness on the other aisle that said he heard what sounded like somebody hitting someone,” said IMPD Sgt. Linda Jackson.  “He then looked up in time to see the suspect, described as a black male in his 30’s to 40’s, fleeing out the door.”

Smith said the CVS store manager did not do enough to keep employees safe from the man.  She said the manager seemed to do nothing after the victim told him about the alleged stalker’s first Sunday morning visit.

“He did not come up there to make sure the employees were safe or that they felt secure while being employed there,” Smith said.  “And he stayed back in the office and now he was able to come back and attack.”

CVS Corporate Spokesperson, Michael DeAngelis, gave Fox59 the following statement:

“We are committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees and store management had previously informed the suspect in question that he was no longer allowed in our store.  He re-entered the store without our permission yesterday morning before he could be stopped.  His identity is currently unknown, but we are working closely with law enforcement in their investigation of this matter and are providing them with surveillance camera footage of the suspect.  We are also offering our employee counseling and support services.”

Smith said she doesn’t know if her friend will ever go back to work at the CVS location. She is also worried the man could come back to target other women who work there.

At the time of the attack, the man was seen wearing a brown and white checkered coat with dark blue jeans.

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