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DALEVILLE, Ind. (October 7, 2015) – A Daleville High School cross country runner helped save a competitor’s life during a race Tuesday.

According to Daleville Community Schools, Amy Pautler was competing in the MEC cross country race at Blue River High School last night.

Pautler was running close behind a competitor from Monroe Central High School during a portion of the course that goes through a wooded area.

She then saw the girl stagger off the course into the woods and fall to the ground convulsing.

Pautler was able to get help for the girl, and she stayed with her until an ambulance arrived.

The runner was taken to New Castle Hospital. She was released late Tuesday night, and she is doing much better.

According to the Monroe Central High School athletic director, all the girl can remember is Pautler holding her hand and saying her name, telling her to hold on.

Monroe Central High School has filed an exemplary sportsmanship report with the IHSAA on the behalf of Pautler and Daleville Athletics.