Daleville man behind bars for allegedly killing his grandfather with wheelbarrow


DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. — A Daleville man is behind bars for allegedly killing his grandfather with a wheelbarrow.

The murder charges were filed this week in Delaware County.

According to court records, when police arrived at the home on Walnut street, they found the suspect performing CPR on his grandfather. But prosecutors believe the rescue attempt took place several hours after the fatal injuries were inflicted.

A table at a Shell station in Daleville is now reserved for a man who will no longer need it. Employees set out candy and a drink, which was the last order placed by regular customer Robert Huffman Jr.

The 67-year-old was killed following a fight outside the Walnut Street home.

“It appears that grandson and grandfather got in a heated argument and a wheelbarrow was used in the fight,” said Attorney Marion Massillamany.

In fact, court records claim 26-year-old Trent Kreegar admitted to hitting his grandfather with a wheelbarrow and choking the victim, all before taking a shower and calling police the next morning.

“I don’t think any reasonable person would think he was trying to save his grandfather at that point,” said Massillamany.

Attorney Mario Massillamany isn’t connected to the case but points out Kreeger is charged with murder and aggravated battery.

“It’s smart on the prosecutors’ part because they’re thinking ahead as to what they can prove to a jury,” said Massillamany. “They’re trying to make sure they cover all their bases.”

Booking photo of Trent Kreegar

For his part, the Delaware County Prosecutor believes so much deadly violence could be avoided if people simply paused to consider the consequences of their actions.

“When people are dealing with other people, they need to take a step back when things get heated and evaluate what they’re doing.  Take a deep breath and walk away if you have to,” said Prosecutor Eric Hoffman.

The suspect is being held without bond in Delaware County.

His initial court hearing is set for next week.

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