Dangerous cold weather impacts area over next 36 hours

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Very cold weather settles in for Tuesday morning.

Coldest weather of the season is expected to hit over the next 36 hours here in Indianapolis.  Highs have already been reached for today with most of the day spent in the teens.  By tonight clear skies and light winds will allow temperatures to fall to near 0° in Indianapolis.  Areas outside of the city will see their temperatures 3 – 5 degrees colder than in the city.

Overall tonight will be the coldest night we have seen in the city since February 10th 2011.  That night we had

NWS chart about dangerous wind chill.

temperatures that fell to -1 in Indianapolis.  When you factor in light winds on Tuesday morning the feels like or wind chill value will fall to -5 to -16 degrees.  With these cold temperatures comes the concern over frostbite.  Frostbite is a condition where your skin is not able to produce more heat than it is losing.  In this situation the layers of your skin can freeze which is painful and can be dangerous in extreme conditions.  The graph on your right shows dangerous frostbite conditions shaded in blue.

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