Dangerous temperatures keep Animal Control officers busy

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The call volume is increasing at Indy Animal Care and Control as the temperature continues to plummet. Officers say their run count goes up considerably during dangerously cold weather, Monday was no exception.

Animal Control Officer, Austin Webb, went on multiple weather related calls. He took in five stray animals that had been left outside.

“There are of course those people that don’t feel their animals need to come inside and they’re fine outside, but for the most part people seem to realize that it’s too cold for the animals to be outside,” said Webb.

Indy Animal Care and Control was just as busy when Indianapolis experienced dangerously cold temperatures back in the beginning of January. During that time officers took in 17 animals for emergency shelter and issued 71 citations.

Veterinarians are encouraging pet owners to bring their animals inside. Dr. Greg Borlick said frostbite can set in quickly, especially with small dogs that have short coats. He also encourages pet owners to shovel a path for their dog to go outside.

“We also will see dogs that will sometimes limp after being in temperatures this freezing so if you’re dog is limping right after being outside just wipe their paws off with a dry towel,” said Dr. Greg Borlick with Cottage Animal Clinic of Carmel.

If you suspect an animal is being left outside call Indy Animal Care and Control at 317-327-4622.

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