Dangerous trees pose a problem, especially during severe weather season

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INDIANAPOLIS – Fallen trees and debris were a common theme around central Indiana neighborhoods following Wednesday’s severe storms. Old trees couldn’t stand up to Mother Nature’s blow.

“It fell completely down and yes he used his chainsaw to get it out of the street and the people helped me,” said Sylvia Luker, who owns a home on High School Road.

Her old dead tree fell into the roadway. Passersby stopped to help clean up the mess so traffic could move again.

Arborist Jud Scott with Vine and Branch Incorporated says this is the time to check out old or dead trees. He says doing it before severe weather strikes presents less of a headache for homeowners.

“If you do it proactively you can schedule it and take care of it in time. In the middle of a storm it’s going to be a higher rate, there’s more risks involved somebody could get hurt. So always be proactive,” Scott said.

He advises looking at your tree yourself. Start from the bottom looking for decay and work your way up. When in doubt, call the professionals. Ultimately, if your dead tree is not on city property it’s the homeowner’s duty to get it cleaned up.

“A property owner has the duty to inspect their trees that they not cause harm to passersby on the roadway. So whoever the property owner is has some liability if a tree falls out and hurts somebody,” said Scott.

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