Danville police looking for man who reportedly tried luring teen into vehicle at bus stop

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DANVILLE, Ind. – Police are looking for a man who reportedly tried luring a teenager in a vehicle at a Danville bus stop.

Thursday morning, the 13-year-old girl was waiting for the school bus at the corner of Mill Street and SR-39. The dangerous encountered happened around 10 o’clock, since Danville students were operating on a 2-hour delay.

The middle school student told police she was standing on the sidewalk when the driver approached her.

“Basically, he pulled up to her and said, ‘Hey get in and I’ll take you to school.’ She had no idea who the male was. She said ‘No’ and the male pointed to the door of the car and said, ‘Come on get in. I’ll take you to school.’ She again said ‘no,’” said Officer Nate Lien with the Danville Police Department.

After several times of saying no, the driver took off and the school bus showed up. The teenager told the bus driver what happened, and school officials called police.

“She did exactly what she was taught to do and what kids should do. (She) told the person no, backed away from the situation and then got out of it,” said Officer Lien.

Police recovered a picture of the car they believe the suspect was driving. The picture was captured on a home surveillance camera around the same time as the incident was reported. The vehicle appeared to be a light-colored, smaller model SUV, which matched the description the victim gave police.

“It was mid-morning, traffic is going up and down this road it’s not a back-country road it’s a busy road so to have that kind of nerve is kind of scary also,” said Toni Snyder, a neighbor.

Now neighbors and police are asking who this man is and what were his intentions.

“An older male wanting to get this kid out of the weather to take them to school, just to offer in a harmless way or if it was something more sinister or something worse,” said Officer Lien.

Officers are stepping up patrols in the area. If you know anything that can help detectives, call 317-745-3001.

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