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MOORESVILLE, Ind. — A central Indiana police officer went beyond the call to do a good deed.

On Monday afternoon, Lt. Randy Rogers with the Mooresville Police Department responded to a call of a suspicious man by the side of the road at SR 267 and County Line Rd.  When Lt. Rogers showed up the man was up and walking but Lt. Rogers decided to turn around, stop and check on him.

“He had some identification on him. (I) ran his information and made sure he wasn’t a wanted person or anything like that,” said Lt. Randy Rogers, with the Mooresville Police Department.

Once the man’s information cleared, Lt. Rogers learned more than just his name.  Bryan lost his home and was heading to Florida to see his family.

“He was just very down on his luck and he just felt like he had nothing to lose by doing what he was doing, that’s why he chose to take the journey and try to make it,” said Lt. Rogers.

Lt. Rogers asked Bryan what route he was taking for his long walk and when was the last time he had a meal.  Shortly afterwards, dash camera video shows the two took their conversation to the patrol car.

“I asked him how you would feel if I treated you to a big sandwich and a drink and he said, ‘I would love that’,” said Lt. Rogers.

Knuckle Sandwich was the place and a double cheeseburger was the order.  Lt. Rogers paid the discounted bill with his own money and then he had to get back to work.

“I’m glad I helped him and I’m glad he’s appreciative,” said Lt. Rogers.

Lt. Rogers went over the directions one last time with Bryan and wished him luck.

“Everybody does something for somebody somewhere along the lines and I try to give as much as I can,” said Lt. Rogers.

22 years into his career, Lt. Rogers is still following the advice a veteran officer gave him before he was even sworn in.

“If you take care of the people of Mooresville, Mooresville will take care of you and here we are,” said Lt. Rogers.

The Mooresville Police Department posted the kind act on its Facebook.  The post has received more than a thousand likes and hundreds of comments and shares.