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INDIANAPOLIS — Homicide data from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shows a steadily growing number of criminal homicides within the city.

The data, provided annually from the IMPD, provides data on each homicide, This includes victim information, demographics and cause of death.

Since 2016, Indianapolis has seen 4 years of record-setting homicides, excluding 2019.

Taking a look at a time-lapse of criminal homicide cases, the majority of homicides took place in a central band across Indianapolis.

Breaking the homicides down by district, District 17 saw the majority of criminal homicides dating back to 2014 followed by District 9 and District 11.

From 2019 through the end of January 2021, District 17 saw 16% of all homicides within Indianapolis, compared to 10% in District 9 and 9% in District 11.

From 2014 through 2020, every district saw at least one criminal homicide with the exception of District 5 and District 25. District 25 saw its first homicide in more than 6 years on January 30.

Looking into the manner of death, of the criminal homicides 85% were shooting deaths. By year, shooting homicides were the majority of criminal homicides in Indianapolis.

A deeper look into the individual homicide victims reveals that Black men make up a disproportionate amount of homicide victims. 61% of all homicide victims in Indianapolis going back to 2014 were Black Hoosiers, while only 28% of Indianapolis residents are Black. In comparison, only 17% of all homicide victims in Indianapolis are white Hoosiers, while the demographic makes up 60% of the population.