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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Aug. 19, 2014)– The owner of a Franklin Township daycare is hoping to spread the word about the theft of one of her daycare’s signs. She is worried that whoever took the sign may try to use it to lure children to their vehicle.

Heather Delucio, owner of “Kidz Come First Affordable Child Care Services” reported the theft Monday afternoon. She said she had just finished dropping off several children when she drove to the Kroger store located in the 5300 Block of East Thompson Road. After about 20 minutes of shopping, she says she came out to the parking lot to find the magnetic sign gone from the door of her van.

While the theft itself is relatively minor, Delucio says she’s worried about the intentions of whoever took the sign.

“If somebody put it on their car and drove by a bus stop and said ‘Hey your mom called this daycare and wants us to take you to school today, so come on and get in the car,'” she told FOX59.

Delucio’s at-home daycare is registered with three Franklin Township elementary schools: Arlington, Kitley and Thompson Crossing Elementary schools.

The sign, affixed to the door of Delucio’s van, gives her access to the pick-up and drop-off lines at the schools.

However, Franklin Township Schools Superintendent Dr. Flora Reichenadter says the schools have other levels of security to prevent children from being taken by unauthorized individuals.

Reichenadter says staff members who monitor activity during pick-up and drop-off must be personally introduced to everyone who transports children. They watch each vehicle to see if they recognize the driver.

“You would have to provide an ID if you are not already recognized by a supervisor who allows students to go into a vehicle,” Reichanadter said.

The name on the ID would have to match up with a pre-approved list of people who are authorized to transport specific children.

Still, the theft of the sign enough of a concern to prompt automated phone calls to parents. Franklin Township Schools are also posting pictures of the stolen sign on their main website and Facebook page.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police have also notified patrol officers in the area. They urge parents to remind their children to never get into a vehicle with someone they don’t know.