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INDIANAPOLIS — A deadly week in Indianapolis leaves five people shot to death in five days.

At the same time, the city remains on pace to shatter its all-time homicide record.

Monday afternoon on north Baltimore avenue, police believe a car pulled up next to another vehicle and someone started shooting.

That left 35-year-old Savage Jones and 34-year-old Clarence January dead.

The same day 40-year-old William Burnett died after what police describe as a possible domestic related self-defense homicide on Pendoscot drive.

On Wednesday a woman named Jodie Berry was dropped at Riley hospital.  She died from gunshot wounds, although it’s still not clear where that shooting took place.

On Thursday police found another man shot to death inside a car on Butler avenue. That shooting marked the 77th homicide of the year in Indianapolis, a huge increase over recent years

“You have to accept we are in a public safety crisis,” said Aaron Williams with the City of Peace Coalition.

The numbers back up that claim.

On this day in 2017, there were 40 total homicides.  That number climbed to 42 the next year and 43 in 2019, before spiking to 58 last year and 77 this year.

“The numbers are heartbreaking,” said Williams. “People have turned to violence at an unprecedented rate to solve disputes.”

Homicide numbers YTD starting in 2017.

Williams claims community leaders warned the mayor and other administrators about the underlying factors they feared would lead to a spike in homicides starting in 2018.

“We were essentially brushed off like our concerns were not valid at the time,” said Williams. “Everything we said would happen happened and it’s worse than we predicted it would be.”

Williams insists the police alone cannot stop the violence.

“We as a community have done ourselves a disservice to allow this violence to continue. Tell you friends, family and loved ones and tell those who are committing the violence, enough is enough. Put the guns down,” said Williams.

While one of the homicides this week may be deemed non-criminal, anyone with information of the four other unsolved cases is still asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.