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MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — A beloved, deaf pooch escaped from home, only to return with his face covered in Mace and a bullet through his side.

His owners are astonished, and say he came home happy despite losing all his senses. Now, they want the person who harmed him to own up to it.

Caesar and his companion Rhea escaped from their Martinsville home over the weekend.  The big bulldog mix was gone 12 hours.  The bullet punctured through his lung, and lodged below his heart.  Veterinarians left the high-caliber bullet in instead of doing risky surgery.  His owners washed him as best they could before rushing him to the vet,  but even the vets told them the Mace was burning their eyes.

“You’re shot! You can’t see! You can’t hear! You can’t smell! (Sigh) What are you going to do?” gasped Caesar’s owner Angie Young.

Young, and Caesar’s other owners, said there have been other incidents of pets coming back poisoned or hurt in their Martinsville neighborhood.  They want Caesar’s story to be a reminder to pet owners to keep a close watch on their fur babies.