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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 22, 2014)– A 76-year-old woman is recovering after being attacked and mugged in her own driveway by a man who she said tricked her by asking for directions.

“It wasn’t until I saw the blood when I started screaming,” said JoAnn Green in an exclusive interview with FOX59.

After four stitches and bruises across her face, Green said she is angry.

Green spent her Monday morning running errands.  She said she first went to the bank and then the grocery store, less than two miles from her house.  When she returned home, police said a man in a white car approached her in her driveway.

Green said she thought the suspect was asking for directions, so Green told him that she was deaf and that she could not hear him.

She took out a notebook from her purse, hoping the man would write his question down.  Instead, that is when Green said the man attacked her.

“All of a sudden there he was, and he jammed his fist down in my purse…to grab my wallet,” said Green.

Holding on to her cane and purse, Green said she didn’t let go.

“I couldn’t swing the cane to hit him,” said Green. “And he jerked real hard, and that’s when I went head first.”

Police said Green hit the asphalt, and the man then began dragging her down the driveway.

The suspect later fled the area with Green’s bag, which included her identification cards, credit cards, $180 in cash and her car key.

Neighbors ran over to try to help and called 911.

Green is staying with family until she recovers.  She said she hopes others will be aware of their surroundings, even if it’s at home during broad daylight.

“It should be frightening being my age and deaf and disabled,” said Green. “But I’m determined to go home tomorrow.”