Dedication ceremony takes place on Indy’s north side for Black Legacy Project


INDIANAPOLIS — Creators gathered on Indy’s north side Friday to show off a new art exhibit featuring Black icons from Indianapolis.

Those images are on display at the Concord Building near Tarkington Park. Organizers say the individuals in these murals faced real adversity in their lives from redlining to segregation and still made a huge impact in our city. That’s people like Wes Montgomery the jazz musician and Representative Julia Carson.

“It was a joy to learn about these individuals over the last few years, not just because they were professionals in their field, but because they’re heroes, and they should be looked at as heroes,” Wil Marquez, Creative Director & Owner of w/ purpose said.

The hope is they will not just be figures of the past, but will inspire current generations to be great as well.

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