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INDIANAPOLIS — As vaccination rates stall and variants begin to rise, local health experts are urging Hoosiers to get vaccinated.

 “If you are vaccinated you have good protection from the delta variant and all of the variants that we are aware of today,” said Regenstrief Institute’s President and CEO, Dr. Peter Embi.

According to Dr. Embi, as of Wednesday, July 21, roughly 72% of Indiana’s screened COVID-19 cases have been confirmed to be the delta variant.

“Since it is so much more infectious since it’s so much easier for that to spread, it means that there’s a chance that we could have another wave, another outbreak here,” said Dr. Embi.

Dr. Embi calls the state’s slight uptick in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations an early warning sign. He adds that if another outbreak is seen, it likely will not be slow or subtle.

“The way that this works is it’s not like it just goes up, you know, 10 cases every week,” said Dr. Embi. “It starts to become exponential. So, it begins to double and double and double.”

Simultaneously, the Marion County Public Health Department is attempting to combat falling vaccination rates by providing mobile vaccine clinics in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.

Gift cards and other various incentives will be raffled off at tomorrow’s clinic outside the courthouse from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Starting Wednesday, July 28, a mobile clinic will be stationed in Monument Circle every Wednesday through August.

“I would encourage anyone who is eligible to get this to get this as soon as possible,” said Dr. Embi “That is going to be our best protection for keeping things where they are and lowering them again.”