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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – When cases drag on and remain unsolved for months and even years, the wait is hard.

Hope drives families to try anything that could get them closer to knowing what happened. When traditional investigative tactics fail, some families are turning to clairvoyants for answers.

“I’m a firm believer that the impossible just takes a little longer,” explains Don Morris, Ashley Morris Mullis’s father.

Ashley Morris Mullis disappeared from Delaware County in September of 2013.  Over the years, Ashley’s father has been working with a psychic.  This past September, the psychic led them to a river bank in Eaton.

“That flag that you see there represents the spot where the bones were found,” points out Morris.

The coroner later ruled the bones were not human.  Morris has not given up hope that their psychic’s next hunch could lead them to Ashley.

“You leave no stones unturned, I mean you just can’t, it’s your kid,” explains Morris.

“We’ve waited nine months and nothing is panning out, so I wanted another way, any other way to find who did this to my daughter and Abby,” explains Carrie Timmons, Libby German’s mother.

Libby German and her best friend, Abby Williams, were murdered while hiking on the Delphi Historic Trail in February.  Investigators hoped a picture recovered from a cell phone, a sketch and an audio recording would help them crack the case.

“They’ve been looking at the same things, I mean a lot of tips, but going over the same material so maybe we’re missing something outside, further out,” explains Timmons.

In a desperate search for answers, Timmons reached out to a medium.

“What if she knows? What if she could figure it out,” questions Timmons.

Jenny Lee has worked on cases internationally, her insight into a murder in Bolivia helped catch the killers.

She was able to connect a woman to her father in Oklahoma who she had never met before. Jenny Lee never actually goes to the scene of the crime, fearing it will taint the energy.

FOX59 traveled all the way to near the North Dakota/Minnesota line to see her in action, to see what insight she has into Libby and Abby’s murders.

“I do this because the spirit chose me a long time ago,” explains Jenny Lee, a medium.

It’s beyond a crystal ball or turning over tarot cards, Jenny Lee doesn’t use anything besides following a feeling.

“I wait until things are presented to me, you can’t force a door open. It’s an intuition level,” explains Jenny Lee.

She explains her readings started by making a connection between Libby and her mom.

“She knew things about Libby that weren’t public knowledge, personality traits and just Libby’s spirit, completely, it was great. It was almost like I was talking to Libby,” explains Timmons.

The connection turned into diving deeper into what happened in Delphi.  Jenny Lee believes the girls weren’t targeted, instead she feels Abby and Libby saw something they weren’t supposed to.

“He was there for something else. There’s a circumstance that came together at the wrong time and they were there at the wrong time and that’s what happened. So, it was bad timing,” explains Jenny Lee.

Jenny Lee’s intuition tells her that deadly day in Delphi in February wasn’t the first time the killer has been in the woods and feels he’s been back since.  Jenny Lee’s focus isn’t on the actual crime scene.

“People are looking at this one category of things. They need to look at a scene before this or someone’s behavior before, like a week before that’s the stuff you need to pay attention to,” explains Jenny Lee.

Jenny Lee understands her insights are subject to skeptics.

“I’m in a field where people don’t believe 90% of what they’re saying,” explains Jenny Lee.

Virgil Vandagriff is a private investigator who spent decades as a Marion County detective.  During Vandagriff’s career, psychics led him to a number of bullets and bodies, which have made him a believer that anything is worth a shot when you’re trying to solve a case.

“Some investigators don’t look at it that way, they are stuck in the conventional mode,” explains Virgil Vandagriff, a private investigator.

For parents like Timmons and Morris, believing is the only option and anything that might get them closer to the truth is worth try.

“They can have their opinions, unless they’ve been there and had no other resort what else can you do?  They wouldn’t know, they wouldn’t understand and I don’t expect them to understand, I don’t want them to understand,” explains Timmons.

There were several other details Jenny Lee discussed that FOX 59 chose not to include, since the case is so sensitive and detectives are still diligently working on solving it.

If you have any tips that could help investigators find who killed Libby and Abby call, 844.459.5756.  If you have any tips that could help investigators track down Ashley Morris Mullis, call 317.232.8983.