Detectives look for leads in string of recent tire thefts on east side

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Detectives with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are looking for leads in a recent string of tire thefts on the east and near east side of the city.

“There are reports in three different districts,” said IMPD Sgt. Linda Jackson. “They may or may not be connected, but we do have a couple different detectives that are looking into them.”

Police records indicate at least 11 car owners have become victims within the last week. One of them was Gayle Cosby, who lives in the 1300 block of Oakland Avenue.

“I awoke to a police officer knocking on the back door around 6 this morning to let me know that my tires were gone,” Cosby said.

Police were originally called by Cosby’s neighbor after she noticed three tires missing from her own van in the 1300 block of North Dearborn Street. While most of the thefts have occurred on the east side, there was another one Tuesday morning at the Lockfield Apartments downtown, where many IUPUI students live. A shiny 2012 Chevy Camaro was left with no tires right where the owner left it parked.

What police find odd is that the thieves are not just going after nice cars with expensive rims. Even Cosby said the wheels on her 2002 Ford minivan were nothing special.

“I work hard for what I have and I just wish folks would be more respecting of that,” Cosby said.

“I don’t know if this is someone that has their own little shop that they’ve set up that they know they have a client who’s looking for certain tires,” Sgt. Jackson said.

All of the thefts seem to have occurred during the overnight hours. None of the victims have seen anything to help detectives identify possible suspects.

Police said it’s a good idea to contact your neighborhood crime watch organization to make sure they are aware of the situation.

“This is where it is important to know who your neighbors are, to look out for each other and to keep in touch,” Sgt. Jackson said.

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