INDIANAPOLIS — More than 120 restaurants are taking part in Devour Indy Winterfest this year, as the two week long dining experience draws in customers for restaurants during one of the slowest times of the year.

”Devour is great for us,” said Daniel Keiner, the executive chef at Taxman Cityway.

The restaurant deals stretch across the central Indiana area from Greenwood to Zionsville and everywhere in-between.

”We’ve got a little bit of everything, everywhere,” said Colleen Rose, the director of communications and events for Devour Indy.

The wide range of restaurants means a lot of options.

”There’s something for everyone, whether you want to go out with friends, go on a date or go out with family,” Rose said.

Keiner said this is a great chance for Taxman Cityway to get some much-needed exposure.

”We actually were shut down five months after we opened for the pandemic so not a lot of people know we’re here,” Keiner said.

Devour Indy is also designed to help restaurants get through the usually slow month of January.

”Once we hit the New Year we tend to see a slow down, people are hunkering down,” said Keiner.

Jay Leonard, a manager at Union 50 in downtown Indianapolis, said he’s looking forward to the added business as well – for the new faces, and the old. 

”We’ve got a lot of regulars that really like the menu we put out and will be here multiple nights a week just to enjoy that menu,” Leonard said.

He said the staff at Union 50 look at Devour Indy as a chance to show off what they do best.

”I know our kitchen has been working really hard today, they’ve been here since about 7:30 this morning with some of the things we don’t generally have on the menu,” Leonard said. “Just to make sure everything is perfect and ready to go.”

Along with the boost in business, Leonard said the appreciation they see from the customers means a lot.

”This is sort of revitalizing, seeing new faces, getting new energy in here, having people appreciate what our craft is really makes all the difference for keeping us motivated,” Leonard said.

Devour Indy Winterfest is capping off a great January for these restaurants, after starting the month with football fans packing the city.

”Between the championship and now Devour, we’re just out here rocking and rolling again,” said Leonard.

”We’re on track for a great January,” Keiner added.

As you dive into Devour Indy, don’t forget your manners as some restaurants still work to keep up with staffing shortages.

”Make time, plan ahead and be patient with our awesome service staff that are making Devour Indy happen,” Rose said.

You can find a full list of Devour Indy restaurants on the website. I can be a bit overwhelming, but you can filter the restaurants down by location, type of food, dietary restrictions and even ownership.

For those not wanting to go out as COVID-19 cases remain high, carryout options are available.

”A lot of our restaurants are offering carryout options, which should be listed on their menu online, so if you don’t feel comfortable going out or if you just like to stay in, you can still Devour,” Rose said.