Director of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control placed on leave pending an investigation


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 1, 2015) - Another Indianapolis Animal Care and Control director is being called into question. Dennis Papenmeier just took the job in January and now he’s under investigation by the City’s Public Safety Department.

Public safety officials would not elaborate but did say Papenmeier is under indefinite administrative leave.

“All I’ve heard is indefinite leave. We have not been given any details as to what that means,” said Christian Mosburg, a member of IACC Advisory Board.

“Usually when you think of a position like this you want somebody that’s going to be around for a long time, somebody that’s going to be able to carry on a legacy, or build a legacy, or really do something,” he said.

Mosburg is disappointed and demanding answers, “When you see something like this happen, it automatically makes us concerned that any leeway we may have made in changing things for the better for the animals, we may have to go back to page one again,” he said.

Papenmeier replaced former Director, Dan Shackle who after a suspension and investigation, resigned amid controversy.

Nine year animal control director Spencer Moore acted as interim when Shackle resigned. He was involved in hiring Papenmeier and said despite director disputes, IACC is actually in good shape.

Moore said only major concerns could have lead the Public Safety Department to investigate Papenmeier.

“The numbers are up, adoptions are up, everything seems to be going well, so there’s something else there that has the Public Safety Department concerned about something,” said Moore.

It could be weeks before the investigation is complete. Papenmeier worked previously for the city’s neighborhood services division.

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