DNA links convicted felon to murder of 15-year-old girl

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INDIANAPOLIS (NOV, 21 2014)-- DNA evidence is what helped police link William Gholston to the murder of 15-year-old Dominique Allen.

"We filed a charge of murder against William Gholston in the murder of Dominique Allen," said Terry Curry, Marion Prosecutor.

"It was pretty bittersweet. We got over a hump and now we've got to get over the next hump," said Mareeka Allen, Dominique's sister.

Allen's body was found badly burned in a near west-side backyard in August. Detectives found her purse and sandals in an abandoned house nearby. It is believed Allen was killed in that house and then taken to the backyard.

The sandals that were found, would eventually become a huge break in the case.

"Male DNA was found in various spots including on her sandal at the first location, and on her foot and hand of her body," said Curry.

FOX59 was recently given exclusive access into the Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services lab.

The DNA found on Allen matched Gholston's.

"A lot of the evidence that might have been there was destroyed. He made some mistakes, that's all I'm going say," said Detective Marcus Kennedy, IMPD

"We want to say thank you for walking this walk with us, we are not going stop as a family, said Allen.

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