DUBOIS COUNTY, Ind. — A bald eagle was shot and killed in Dubois County Saturday night.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources said a preliminary investigation into the matter suggests that the shooting occurred on Feb. 25.

Prior to the shooting taking place, DNR said the eagle was likely feeding near a roadway located to the north of County Road 300 North near the intersection of 175 East.

Bald eagle populations have historically been impacted by overhunting, habitat loss and pesticide use.

This led to Congress authorizing legislation aimed at protecting the species such as the landmark Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, which was passed in 1940.

Although the species is no longer endangered today, federal protections are still strictly enforced for the birds of prey.

Anyone who violates this federal statute for a first offense can be fined up to $100,000, imprisoned for one year, or both. Penalties significantly increase for a second offense, rising to a felony.

Anyone with relevant information about the shooting is asked to contact DNR Law Enforcement at 812-789-9538 or 1-800-847-4367.