DNR seeks financial help from public for non-game wildlife

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indiana Non-game Wildlife Fund needs your help! More specifically, they need your donations.

And this tax year Hoosiers are being asked to consider making such donations when they file their Indiana State taxes.

The Indiana Non-game Wildlife Fund supports the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife’s Wildlife Diversity program. Program staff manages more than 750 non-game and endangered wildlife species. Non-game means the species is not hunted, trapped or fished. No Indiana state tax dollars are ever used for this program.

Past wildlife diversity successes have restored bald eagles, river otters and peregrine falcons to the state. In recent years, projects have included implementing techniques to improve natural reproduction of hellbenders (Indiana’s largest salamander).

But the fund suffered one of their largest decreases in 2016 with donations being off more than 60%.

In an effort to turn things around, every donation of $5 will be have an additional $9 added on. Those matching funds have been made available by the State Wildlife Grant Program.

The Department of Natural Resources reminds Hoosiers that donating to the Non-game Wildlife Fund helps fund research, habitat conservation and more.

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