KOKOMO, Ind. — A man was arrested Tuesday after reportedly abusing a Dachshund mix until near death.

Kafiton Williams, 37, was charged with Cruelty to an Animal, a Criminal Misdemeanor.

Officers were dispatched on Tuesday, July 25 at approximately 8:06 p.m. to speak with a witness in reference to possible animal cruelty.

According to court documents, a witness noticed the dog was limping, fur was gone over large areas of the dogs body, and that flesh was hanging from the dog and decided to record the conversation with Williams. In the audio, Williams acknowledges that he put the dog in a bath while in a cage and watched hair fall into the drain in large swaths but stated, “it was not hot to him.” This evidence was given to police and a warrant was issued for his arrest Aug. 1.

The witness then took the dog to a veterinary clinic. The doctors stated that the dachshund had difficulty breathing, was dehydrated, unable to walk, bruises on the rib cage, spots without fur, and raw muscle exposed over the body. The doctor believes the legs were burned and stated that the condition was not of a natural occurrence.

The veterinarians said that the dog would die from their trauma and that there was nothing they could do.

The witness also said that Williams had previously abused a dog until they were paralyzed and bleeding from their buttocks. After being pressed, Williams admitted to attacking the first dog with a broomstick and putting them in a paralyzed state.

An initial hearing is set for Thursday, Oct. 19. This story will be updated as information becomes available.