ALEXANDRIA, Ind. — An Alexandria man was arrested for child molestation after allegedly sexually exploiting a minor under the age of 14 for several months in 2022.

Scott Allen Eacret, 32, was charged on two counts of Child Molestation, a Level 1 Felony on Oct. 26, 2023.

According to court documents, Eacret reportedly duct taped the victims mouth and attacked the individual in Alexandria at the 100 block of E. Tyler St in 2022 from October – December.

The following year, he sent partially nude photos over SnapChat in his boxers that included winking emojis. After Eacret sent the pictures, the minor spoke with family and Alexandria Monroe High School socials workers in June 2023 about the molestations. Both the family and counselors at school contacted law enforcement.

During a forensic investigation, detectives found evidence of text messages where Eacret asked the victim if they had told anyone. Further, Eacret sent a message with a picture of a carved wooden knife which officers believed was a threat.

Eacret was arrested at the 300 block of John St. in Alexandria. Police waited 30 minutes for the suspect to leave the home. He later walked out with his attorney and was sent to the Madison County Jail.