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By Tanae Howard

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 3, 2014)– If you’re on social media you’ve probably noticed a variety of “challenge” videos being circulated online. Some of them are meant to be humorous while some have proven to be deadly.

One of the latest games is called the “pass-out challenge.” Videos online shows someone pressing against the other person’s chest until they pass out.

IU Health Pediatrician, Dr. Michael McKenna says this alters the heart rate drastically.

“They’re trying to get that vagal nerve which helps to control your heart rate its giving it a signal to slow down and that’s when you pass out because your heart rate stops for a second,” said Dr. McKenna.

The game is similar to the choking game. That cuts off oxygen to the brain causing the person to pass out and experience a euphoric high in the process. Dr. McKenna warns this can have a long term impact.

“Anytime you’re messing with oxygen supply to the brain you are putting yourself at extreme risk. Whether that’s risk of death whether that’s risk of damage to the brain,” said Dr. McKenna.

Mom, Jeannine Guarino says that’s why she’s on social media to keep up with what kids are trying these days so she’s always informed.

“And that’s the scary part because a lot of people don’t know about it. Don’t go on social media so that’s scares me more because they’re not aware so its important to make people aware of what’s going on so they can talk to their kids,” said Guarino.

Dr. McKenna says this is a lesson to parents to have open dialogue about online trends so children are comfortable having these sort of talks with their parents.