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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Documents filed in Marion County court describe the graphic, violent details of an October 29 home invasion robbery, which included sexual assaults against a mother and her daughter.

The mother, in her 50s, told police she was sexually assaulted in the backseat of a car. Her daughter, in her 20s, told police she was “raped and made to perform oral sex on the suspects.”

“It’s a crime that affects us all because the sanctity if the home is violated, and the safety of the persons inside of the home is violated, which makes this doubly heinous,” said Deputy Prosecutor Eric Schmadeke. “So yes, it is a heinous crime.”

A probable cause affidavit filed against 18-year-old Trey Spells and 23-year-old Alexander Dupree provides insight into the brazen nature of the crime.

Michael Pugh Alexander Dupree Trae Spells MUG
Michael Pugh (left), Alexander Dupree (center), Trae Spells (right)

The mother told detectives she was sleeping in the early morning hours of Oct. 29, when four or five black males came into the bedroom she shares with her husband, screaming for “phones and cash.” The men separated her and her husband and then shot her in the hip area. She was then forced into one of the family’s three cars with two of the suspects, who wanted to go to the ATM.

When she realized she only had her daughter’s wallet in the car, they returned to the house to get her husband’s ATM card. The group then traveled to the Regions Bank Branch at 93rd and Meridian streets. She pulled out $800, gave it to one of the suspects and then they went back to the house in the 800 block of East 79th Street.

At one point, the woman said she was forced to perform oral sex on one of the suspects in the back of the car. She also said she tried running away from the house after the trip to the bank, but one of the suspects tackled her and brought her back inside to the kitchen. One of the suspects then shot her in the foot.

The woman and her daughter were later taken to an upstairs bedroom and the two women were told to lay face down on the floor.

The woman’s daughter told police she awoke that morning to the sound of shouting in her parents’ bedroom. After waiting in her own room for about 10 minutes, she took her purse to the suspects and offered it to them. The suspects told her to go back into her room. While she was lying face down in her room, she said one of the suspects began touching her legs, according to court documents. Then, she reported she heard one of the suspects shoot her mother.

While her mother was being taken to the bank, the daughter told police some of the suspects raped and sexually assaulted her several times. She reported she later drove one of the suspects to the same Regions Bank branch and pulled another $800 out.

Sometime later, the mother and daughter were told to go up into the bedroom where the father was still in bed, because he was ordered to remain there. The father has a medical condition that requires the use of braces on his legs. The father told police he remembered hearing somebody downstairs playing the piano during the indecent.

At a weekend event at Marion University for fallen IMPD Officer Rod Bradway, IMPD Chief Rick Hite was clearly angered by the crime.

“Even the guys who are in the underworld, I’ve had guys in the game who said this one went too far,” Hite said. “It went too far.”

Several minutes later, the house was quiet. All three family vehicles were gone and so were the suspects. One of the women ran to a neighbor to call 911.

The daughter said one of the suspects demanded her iTunes password in an attempt to wipe content from her phone. She also said she may have recognized one of the suspects from her days at North Central High School.

Following the incident, crime scene investigators and detectives took photographs and collected fingerprints from inside the home.

A fingerprint match is what led police to Alexander Dupree. Police tracked his cell phone account and discovered phone calls between Dupree and 21-year-old Michael Pugh.

Police discovered that Pugh at an unrelated court hearing and followed him on his way out of the City-County Building. When they stopped the vehicle, a woman in the car with Pugh told police that Dupree was at her apartment on North Meridian Street. Officers went to the apartment and arrested Dupree.

During an interview, Dupree said he could identify the other suspects involved in the crime. He stated he felt he was “going to go to jail for a long time.”

Through the investigation, police also located Spells, who admitted to being involved in the crime, according to court documents. Spells also named Dupree and Pugh as participants in the crime. He also said he was one of six males involved in the home invasion.

“More than three people were involved in this crime and the police are still investigating that, and we won’t stop until we’re done,” Schmadeke said.

Dupree and Spells appeared in court Tuesday afternoon. A judge had granted the prosecutor more time to build their case against Dupree and Spells.

They were both being held on charges of rape, criminal deviate conduct, robbery and criminal confinement and will appear again Tuesday at 1:30pm.

Pugh faces a single charge of possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon. His pretrial is scheduled for Dec. 4.

It was unclear Monday afternoon if the suspects were connected to another home invasion robbery in the 7000 block of Spring Mill Road.