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Greenwood, Ind. — September 2020, Chief Pell of White River Township Fire Department found Rosie, a sweet German Shepard mix that was in desperate need of love.

“I heard about her from you guys,” laughed Chief Pell. “I have trained search dogs for about three years. I have a very good mentor here and they said, ‘You’re pretty good at this, we may think about looking for a dog and actually evaluating them for search work’,” explained Pell.

“We were looking all over the country. I told a friend of mine in the search group, ‘If God intends for me to have a dog, I wish He’d drop one in my back yard’. I came home, opened your app, and Rosie is right there staring me in the face,” said Pell.

Rosie, originally named Roadie, was found tied to a tree last year with a note from her previous owner stating he couldn’t take care of her anymore after the effects that Coronavirus had on him financially.

“She’s incredible. I did some evaluations on her to see if she had the drive to do it and she passed every one of them,” said Pell.

Rosie is in training to be a Search and Rescue dog for the White River Fire Department.

In a few weeks, she and Chief will be heading out to Rhode Island for a week intensive. After completing, Rosie will be able to search for human remains.

Even though Rosie came into Chief’s life to be a vital addition to the station, she also has become a close companion to Liam Price, a former intern for White River and close friend of Chief Pell.

“Last November, when I was on the intern program I was able to work with Rosie. But the reason why I did training with Rosie is that the day I walked in, Rosie darted to the door. Little did I know, Chief Pell would get me the opportunity eight weeks later to be certified in Search and Rescue training,” said Liam.

“I’ve been blessed to be here.”

Although Liam has already completed his internship with White River, he still visits Chief Pell and Rosie often.

That bond will never be broken.

“She knows that I’m doing everything for her. She knows that I care about her. That’s what a good companion dog needs to have.”