Dog snatched from owners’ car found

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It’s been an emotional roller coaster for the Squires. Mary Squire was on her way to the mall and stopped at an intersection on 56th Street and Georgetown Road on April 20. It was then when three teens pulled up next to her car, grabbed Solow, and sped off.

Nearly three weeks later, Solow is home.

“I’m just ecstatic,” Mary smiled. “I mean words just can’t express how overjoyed I am to have my baby home.”

Snuggled next to mom’s lap, Solow and life are back to how it was. The four-year-old Miniature Pinscher owners have followed lead after lead since his disappearance.

The Squires have come home empty-handed every time — until Wednesday morning.

Mary’s husband, Phillip, got a call from the Michigan Road Animal Hospital. A family who rescued Solow brought him in to be checked out. The vet traced the dog’s microchip to the couple.

“I was the first one he saw,” said Mary. “He just jumped and leaped like he was trying to leap into my arms. That was just such a good feeling.”

Juan Cardenas was also there for the reunion. The Good Samaritan found Solow a week and a half ago wandering outside the Washington Park North Cemetery on Kessler Boulevard. Cardenas had just visited his son, Carlos, at his grave. The 1-year-old drowned in a baptismal pool at a church daycare last year.

“He was afraid for Solow because he didn’t want [the dog] to get hit,” said Mary. “So he stopped and picked him up.”

Juan Cardenas tells Fox 59 it was hard for the family to give up Solow. He and his children have been so attached to the little dog since they found him.

“He told us a story about how one of the little girls had not slept in her bedroom since they had moved into their home,” she said. “When Solow arrived, he was able to go into the room with her and she was able to sleep in her room.”

“I asked him if he wanted a reward and he said, ‘No. Just being able to come see Solow will be reward enough for us.’” Phillip recalls Juan saying.

Mary believes it’s more than just a coincidence.

“I’m just wondering what God’s plan is in all of this,” she said. “I’m anxious to see it unfold because I do believe this was God’s way of intervening somehow someway. Hopefully we will find out.”

Juan Cardenas declined to comment on this story.

The Squires have welcomed the Cardenas family to their home whenever they want to visit Solow. Mary hopes this is the start of a special relationship.

No word yet on the teens who got away.

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