Dogs, birds rescued from hoarding situation continue recovery

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More than 30 Sheltie dogs and 111 exotic birds taken from a home in Montgomery County last week are doing much better.

After Fox59’sstory aired, all of the animals either found a permanent home or are close to it. The birds are at an aviary in Frankfort, Ind., that’s their new home. The dogs are at a rescue in Indianapolis, being prepped for adoption.

Sue Moore runs Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana, and felt compelled to do what she could after seeing our story.

“When I saw it on your news, I was immediately on to the national sheltie rescue and said we’re getting involved in this, and, she said fine go for it,” said Moore.

After seeing the story, Sue drove to the Animal Welfare League in Crawfordsville this week, and rescued almost a dozen of them. The dogs have been bathed, given food and water and have gained some energy back – enough energy to wag a tail at the very least.

“It’s a Sheltie, it needed our help, we are there for the shelties,” said Moore.

The dogs were living in a dilapidated house in rural Alamo, Ind. For years, the owner, Marianne Averhart, was raising the animals with her husband. He eventually went in to an assisted living facility, so, she had to do the job herself. It got too much. The yard became overgrown, the food was sparse and the cages were caked with animal waste.

“They were my life, yeah, they were my life, so were the birds,” said Averhart last Thursday.

More that 100 exotic birds were also pulled from the home. New baby birds were hatching when Fox59 was on the scene. It took a few days to collect all of the animals. Now, Sue Moore has some of them in her garage, which she is spending money to outfit with air conditioning. She’s also working to help the dogs.

“We’re the oldest sheltie rescue in the state of Indiana, and, so, we’re here for the dogs,” said Moore.

If you’d like to adopt or foster any of the Shelties, you can visit and fill out an application. Sue Moore said the ideal person will be able to give a dog, or two, a forever home.

The rest of the dogs are at a rescue in Central Illinois. The birds were adopted by the Parks Department in Frankfort, Ind. They have an aviary where the birds now live.

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