Domestic violence survivor offers advice to Paul George after controversial tweets

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by Megan Trent

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 11, 2014) - Pacers star Paul George is getting heavy criticism after voicing support for Ray Rice on Twitter.

He later apologized for his comments to victims of domestic violence, but the tweets have a lot of people very upset. Tammy Pryor, a domestic abuse survivor, says this is a chance for Paul George to educate himself about the realities of domestic violence.

“You could help so many in domestic violence cases by just speaking out and educating yourself and hearing someone’s personal account and story," says Pryor, directing her comments directly at the Pacers player.

Pryor says by the time she was 18, she was married with a child. By 22, she had three young boys and she says her husband had started drinking heavily.

“I was made to feel unworthy. It was my fault. I wasn't a good wife. I wasn't in line.”

She says one night he became extremely violent.

“He choked me," she says. "He would grab me around the neck and slam my head back and forth against the wall. It hit every single time. I gasped for air. I tried to put my hands up.”

She says she curled up on the bathroom floor, trying to protect herself.

“I put my hands up in defense because he was then punching me. I was almost unconscious, and my son who was three came downstairs and if it wasn't for him screaming at what he was seeing, seeing mommy hurt, I probably would be dead.”

She gathered the strength to leave with her kids, but the emotional and physical scars remained.

“I have a cervical issue in my neck from that. Not whiplash, but it is pretty severe. He fractured my eye in four places and deadened the nerves in my first six teeth. I can’t feel them.”

Five years later, she says her ex beat up their 11-year-old son, giving him internal injuries.

Pryor says she remarried into another abusive marriage. Her second husband, however, contacted Fox59 and is adamant that  the relationship, although rocky, was not physically abusive.

“I was able to receive some counseling," says Pryor. "That was only after I had tried to commit suicide."

After finally getting the help she needed, Pryor says she met her current husband. She says she has been happily married for 10 years.

“Through him, they see respect. They see honor. They will never see me hurt like that again," says Pryor.

She says she hopes Paul George has learned from this experience, because his comments were so hurtful to so many people.

“It sets us back. It set me back today to a place 21 years ago, to a place of feeling unloved, broken, not worthy, not enough. It sets us back.”

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