INDIANAPOLIS — More Indiana officers will be able to get trauma kits thanks to an anonymous donation.

The Central Indiana Police Foundation said a person donated $50,000 after attending an event to learn about and assemble trauma kits. The donation will help the foundation buy 500 trauma kits.

Inside each kit is a tourniquet, a trauma bandage, which can be used to help pack a wound, trauma shears, strong enough to cut through a vest, seatbelt, or piece of leather, and a plastic OP airway, used to maintain or open an airway.

In May of 2021, a trauma kit was used to help save the life of a police officer. The kits were also used by officers responding to the FedEx mass shooting.

So far, the foundation has distributed nearly 5,000 kits to date. More departments are reaching out to get these kits. They are also providing training tools to help officers understand how to use them.

The foundation also says this donation will help them expand outside of their general territory to provide kits to some of the smaller departments where their funding needs are greater.

If people want to donate to the foundation for more trauma kits, they can do so on their website.