Donations needed for injured Marion horse


Neighbors say this horse is evidence the property owner isn’t properly feeding his animals.

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MARION, Ind. — The Marion Animal Care and Control needs money to help an injured horse.

The eight-year-old mare used to live on the same Grant County property that’s under investigation for possible animal abuse and neglect. Her owner had been boarding her there for several years, but surrendered her after the latest round of scrutiny on the property.

A different horse died on that farm on Christmas Day. Neighbors say they heard it moaning for hours before it was found. That investigation is still open as local officials wait for necropsy results to come back.

The mare had an open tendon wound, which the veterinarian believes was left untreated for several months by the time they removed her from the farm on Dec. 29.

That fits with pictures taken by neighbors from over the fence during the summer showing the progression of the injury.

Brittney Shrout at Indianapolis Animal Care Services says the mare hadn’t been ridden in at least five years and was very skittish around humans and other horses. She is now at a foster facility.

They’re working to regain her trust in humans and other animals, so that they can help with her recovery after surgery to remove scar tissue.

That operation and her recovery will cost thousands of dollars, so they’re now appealing to people to help pay for the cost. Veterinarians at Cooley and Koontz will operate once trust is restored and money has been raised.

The horse is at a foster facility regaining trust of humans and other animals before surgery.

You can donate straight to the veterinarians over the phone at 877-499-9909 or by mail. The address is:

Conley and Koontz Equine Hospital Inc.
2249 S 500 E
Columbia City, IN 46725

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