Donor children speak out before doctor who impregnated patients with own sperm appears in court

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The case against an Indiana doctor who admitted to using his own sperm to impregnate his patients without their knowledge goes back to court Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

FOX59’s Angela Ganote recently sat down with his donor children and one of their mothers for an update as they are frustrated at court delays as they continue to find more brothers and sisters.

"I really don't feel like anyone cares. When you are promised by a senator that they are going to help you and they don’t , that is disheartening,” said Jacoba Ballard.

FOX59 started investigating Dr. Donald Cline in March of 2014 when Jacoba reached out asking for help. She believed she had proof Dr. Cline wasn’t just her mother’s doctor, but also her biological father and a father to many.

"The biggest update is that we keep finding more siblings.”

First, it was eight siblings who found each other through DNA tests and the website 23andMe, but now the number of children who have confirmed Cline is their father is believed to be 27, including Cline’s children with his wife.

“The whole idea of inbreeding it is just, it is very scary.”

Matt White found out Cline, who lives less than five miles away from him, is his biological father. He said his new pain comes from the reality of just how many siblings there are in central Indiana and for his new found siblings who had no clue what they were getting into when they took that DNA test.

“New people haven’t seen media coverage. They are just taking a DNA test because it is trendy and less expenses. They think 23andMe is wrong, they are confused!”

And they say they are very hurt. They say imagine not having any idea your father is not your biological dad. It happened to Julie Harmon who says it has taken almost a year to figure out who she is now and what this all means.

“You have to find yourself again. I didn’t know who I was! Finding my identity and who I am, it has been hard.”

Julie and her siblings are also very angry. They say Cline is getting a slap on the wrist for what they believe should be a very serious crime with much bigger penalties.

"I was supposed to be from my father. I never knew. I wasn’t supposed to be from a donor. And so that is the biggest thing why did he take that away from my father?”

Cline faces charges of obstruction justice for lying to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office, but not for using his own fresh sperm on his patients in his office. Matthew’s mother, Liz White, says the prosecutor’s office told her because there was no force, under Indiana law, Cline can’t be charged with inappropriate sexual contact. She says that law needs to change.

“What occurred outside the room still is deplorable to me. That’s when it became instead of a medical procedure it became a sexual act!”

The four are adamant they do not want the prosecutor to accept a plea deal in the case. They still have hope Cline will face more charges. Jacoba says investigators interviewed them – something they say the former attorney general never did.

“I will be honest, when they came to my house to visit me and they said this did not look good on their office that something wasn’t done in the past.”

For now, the siblings pull strength from one another. They say they go to court to give voice to others who are still trying to come to terms with their new reality.

But with all of the pain, there’s compassion for Cline’s children too. FOX59 asked Matt if he wants Cline to go to jail.

“A part of me does. But you know a part of me feels bad for his family. It might even be worse for them because it is the father who raised them.”

The siblings told FOX59 they want Cline’s medical license revoked. He is retired, but they say they don’t want him to ever be allowed to practice medicine for any reason.

They also say they reached out to State Senator Rodric Bray with no success. FOX59 also reached out to his office, but he did not return the phone call.

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