Donors wanted as flu season impacts blood donations in Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indiana Blood Center needs donations 365 days a year, but they really need help this flu season.

“Especially this season the flu is so bad that donors cannot come in when they are sick,” said Maria Kyler of the Indiana Blood Center.

The center says the flu and other illnesses have led to a huge drop in the donation of blood units. If the numbers keep falling the Indiana Blood Center says they will miss out on more than 400 units of blood that should be sent to local hospital patients.

“It puts a damper on our inventory,” said Kyler.

If you feel under the weather or have a fever you will be turned away.

“When people are sick then they get on antibiotics and if they are still on antibiotics then they cannot donate,” said Kyler.

Right now, the Indiana Blood Center has less than a two-day supply of O negative blood. They are offering promotions to pull in first-time donors to fill the large need.

“It is all over and across the U.S., not just Indiana or the Midwest. So, it is important that we have healthy donors stand up not only for Hoosiers but others across the Midwest,” said Kyler.

The Indiana Blood Center is offering a box of girl scout cookies to donors. Click here for a list of donor centers.

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