Donut store owner’s stolen car found in Richmond; follows through on ‘sweet reward’

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RICHMOND, Ind. (June 30, 2015) – A business owner is getting creative when it comes to crime.  J.C. Price is the owner of Square Donuts in Richmond.

On Monday morning Price’s 2004 Cadillac was stolen from his driveway. Price’s donut shop depends on social media for sales so he decided to use it to help catch the suspects.

Price posted on the store’s Facebook page, ‘I’m offering 25 dozen squares if anyone has info or spots the car, and leads to the arrest of the responsible party!!’

After a day, Price started losing hope. “At first I thought we will find it and then once it didn’t show up after 24 hours I thought maybe they did take it out of town or wherever it is I wasn’t sure,” he said.

Within 30 hours the Facebook post had been viewed approximately 60,000 times.

On Tuesday afternoon, Price got a phone call from Richmond police.  An officer found his car in an abandoned lot. Price realized he wasn’t the only victim.

“They (the thieves) drove from the north side of Richmond to the south side and stole a Yukon and they (police) found their mail beside my car so they know it’s the same people and I know they want answers,” Price said.

Richmond police have reports of ten stolen cars from the same general area.  So far, authorities have recovered eight of the ten.

“I want to find out who did it, but at the same time I didn’t care about the car as much as letting everyone know in Richmond if we put it public and people understand if you commit a crime we won’t put up with it,” Price said.

On Wednesday morning Price is taking 300 donuts to the city building and plans to do something special for his customers later on to thank them for helping spread the word.

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