Downtown businesses want fans to stick with Pacers despite roster changes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 29, 2014)– Make way for a clean slate for the Indiana Pacers. Downtown businesses are pumped for the beginning of the season. The road is ahead is predicted to be shaky for the Pacers, which could mean a decline in business at popular game day hangouts like The Pub

“It might slide a little bit but you know we have to hope the fans stick with the team and hope it carries out through the season,” said The Pub owner, Gordon Coke.

Coke is still preparing to welcome a packed house for game days. He says give the team a chance before ruling the blue and gold out.

“Yeah, there’s some uncertainty but it’s too early to tell. We have to give the coaches and the organization the chance to show what they do to replace the player we lost and the injuries,” said Coke.

Down at Harry and Izzy’s the Pacers home schedule is plastered on a chalk board. They’re hoping to continue their appeal to the downtown work crowd on game day.

“They all stay downtown. They come here, have a drink, have a snack, then move on to the game so they don’t even go home.  We see them starting at about 5:30. We think that will stay the same,” said manager, Cheryl Murphy.

Visit Indy still has high expectations for a downtown Pacers business boom as well.

“There are 41 home Pacers’ games this season. 20 of which happen to fall on weekends.  So from a tourism perspective we’re looking forward to the season ahead. No matter what what the final score is, no matter how many wins and losses the pacers are dealt,” said Chris Gahl.

And if the going gets tough downtown business owners say don’t give up on the home team.

“Not be a fair weather fan. Come out and support them through the season and back them up and hopefully we’ll come out looking good,” said Coke.

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