Downtown Carmel evergreen gets one last Christmas before being chopped down


CARMEL, Ind. — A tall, decades-old evergreen in downtown Carmel is set to be cut down, something some residents aren’t very happy with.

”Oh, please, don’t. No, no, why? It’s just a little tree,” said Neven Andrews, a 15 year Carmel resident.

The tree is at the corner of Main St. and Rangeline Rd. It used to stand next to a PNC Bank and a parking lot but that is now being demolished to prepare for the construction of a new mixed-use development.

Some people who work nearby are looking forward to the business the development will bring.

”The opportunity that it’s going to bring when it opens we love,” said Rosalyn Demaree, she works at Indiana Artisan Gifts and Gallery across from the tree.

The development is called “1st on Main”, it’s four stories with office spaces, restaurants, 310 parking spaces, 35 apartments, eight condos, a plaza and more.

People nearby are looking forward to it.

”I’m excited for more walkable restaurants and just places to go,” said Wendy Broughton, she lives a few blocks from the site.

However, Broughton said she still has mixed feelings about the tree being cut down.

”It is very pretty, I do enjoy seeing it,” she said. “I’ll be sad if its not there.”

The tree is arguably at its prettiest during Christmas time when it’s decked out for the holidays.

“We have good memories,” said Neven Andrews, a 15-year Carmel resident.

Andrews said she used to bring her kids to the tree when they were young.

”There used to be a lot activities going on for Halloween and Christmas and we used to take pictures in the Santa house,” Andrews said.

The tree is slated to be cut down sometime after Christmas, according to a Carmel spokersperson. Utility lines for the new development will go under where the tree currently sits.

Broughton said the tree should at least be moved somewhere else where people can still enjoy it.

”If they could save it that would be awesome,” she said.

But the Carmel spokesperson said that won’t be happening, saying the tree would not survive a move.

This leaves folks in Carmel one last holiday season to enjoy the evergreen. The Carmel street crew is set to start decorating next week.

The “1st on Main” development is set to be complete in summer 2023.

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