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RUSHVILLE, Ind. – A central Indiana barber is counting her blessings after a fire destroyed her family’s home last week.

Promise Bone has cut hair in Rushville for 14 years. This past week, she’s learned how much her work and the conversations she has with her customers mean to the community.

“Everybody’s immediate response kind of eased our minds a little bit about being okay,” said Bone.

Around 6 a.m. on Good Friday, Bone’s husband found out their Mays home was on fire. The couple, their two sons, and a pet bird all made it out safely.

“I was thinking, ‘what do I do now,’ and ‘life’s about to get real hard,’” Bone said.

The family didn’t have the home insured and have been staying at a relative’s home for the past several days.

A neighbor and friend of the family asked the community to chip in and help the family start to get back on their feet.

“They lost everything, and they were going to have to start completely over,” said Jessica Cartrell, who takes her husband and four boys to Bone for haircuts often on the weekends. “With two children, that’s not an easy thing to do.”

The community responded right away. So far, roughly 80 people have made donations through a Facebook fundraiser, totaling more than $4,000. Other donations have been dropped off at Bone’s barber shop in Rushville.

Bone said the community has let her know she’s more than just the woman with the clippers.

“That got me thinking, you never know the lives you’re touching, by the little things you do every day,” she said. “As a barber, I’ve learned a lot. What I’ve learned is everybody struggles and all we really want is that human connection that someone cares.”

The community has a pizza tailgate party planned on Wednesday, May 1, at Flagstar Bank in town. Proceeds will go to the Bone family.