Dozens of students call in sick as flu outbreak closes down Madison County school

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The spread of the flu is now so bad in Madison County one school  has decided to shut down for a few days.

“Many students were coming to school with low-grade fevers,” said Liberty Christian Schools Superintendent Jay McCurry.

Right now, the school has around 20 percent of students sick with the flu. About half of the faculty have the virus too.

“We knew that things were not getting better and that they were only getting worse,” said McCurry.

He decided to close the school’s doors.

“You have to shut down and you have to sanitize the building. Also, you have to give kids a break. They need rest. They need to separate from other kids,” said McCurry.

The school will be out for the rest of this week. While students complete their work online, the custodial crews will work to get rid of the germs that are linked to the spread of the virus.

“They will come back in and wipe everything down and sanitize it. just do a deep and a thorough clean,” said McCurry.

The Madison County Health Department has already seen five flu deaths this year and with the flu season far from over the department says they support the school’s decision to close.

“I like that they are taking a few days to disinfect the entire building and the facility,” said McCurry.

The school will re-open Monday. The Madison County Health Department can recommend other schools close if they also hit the 20 percent absentee mark.

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