INDIANAPOLIS – Dr. Michael Eric Dyson to speak at the YMCA Monster Meeting Lecture series Sunday, according to a press release sent from the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis.

Dyson is a prolific speaker, author, minister and professor that has taught at Ivy League colleges such as Brown University and Princeton, he is a New York Times Best selling author as well as an NAACP award winner. This speaking engagement will focus on racial healing in Indianapolis and beyond on April 23 at 3:30 p.m. at the Orthoindy Foundation YMCA.

The Monster Meetings started in 1904 by the Senate Avenue YMCA, but dissolved in the 1960’s. The program was revived by the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis in 2021.

Speakers in the past have included Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. Charles Drew, and Olympian Jesse Owens.

“The YMCA is thrilled to bring back the Monster Meetings series and, because of our generous donors, offer them for free to the public,” said Monic Hill, Center Executive Director for the OrthoIndy Foundation YMCA and Task Force Chair for the Monster Meeting Series.

The meeting is free and will be held at 5315 Lafayette Rd., Indianapolis, Ind., 46254. Registration is required, with remote options available for those who prefer.

This event is sold out, but to learn more about the series please visit here.